Since your kitchen is one of busiest and most important rooms in your home, a worthy kitchen design is a must. It’s a gathering place, an entertainment room, and a place of inspiration for ambitious home cooked meals. That is exactly why your kitchen space should always be comfortable, welcoming and efficiently designed, all while reflecting the individual homeowner’s unique personality. Kitchen products are continually re-engineered, updated, and redesigned to keep up with the times and the needs of the consumers. Silverline Builders’ team has the knowledge of the latest products on the market and will help you make the right selections to fit your lifestyle.

Over the last couple of decades, the evolution of the kitchen has accelerated, which makes working with Central New York’s best kitchen remodelers even more important.


The kitchen triangle has been one of the most important elements of a well designed kitchen since 1940.  The triangle consists of three points, the refrigerator, the sink and the cooktop.  The theory of the kitchen triangle holds that it keeps the major work stations in near the chef, while still giving them room to work without interruption.  In a perfectly designed triangle:

  • No major traffic should cross through
  • Each leg of the triangle should be between four and nine feet
  • The sum of the triangle’s three sides should not be more than 26 feet

However, the triangle isn’t without flaws.  First, it assumes that there are only three major work stations when today’s kitchens often have more. Second, it assumes that there is only one person cooking in the kitchen.  Third, small or extremely large spaces often make establishing a perfect kitchen triangle extremely difficult.

Therefore, setting up work zones in the kitchen can be the answer when a triangle is not. Work zones can include:

  • A two-sink setup: one for food prep and one for cleanup.
  • Multiple refrigerators: a traditional one and one in a kitchen island or bar area
  • Separated cook top and oven
  • Galley style kitchen

Ultimately, no two kitchens are the same and what works for one may not work for another.  Functionality is just as important as aesthetic in the kitchen.

How are we going to know what your new kitchen is going to look like? We’ve put together a page just for you! “What to expect at our first meeting”, Click on over to see how our unique approach to understanding your needs, wants and room design are going to equate to your new kitchen.

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