Bathroom Remodeling

With todays material choices, if you can imagine it generally it can be built. I say generally because cost plays a huge factor in the reality of a project. Here are some options that we see as the most popular:

  • Tub to shower conversions – Take your tub out and build a beautiful walk in shower in its place.
  • Fiberglass pan with tile surrounds – This approach saves a little money and speeds the process up.
  • Shower benches – Can be used to sit on, but this is a nice feature for women who need a place to rest their foot while shaving.
  • Shower niches – These are installed flush in the wall and house your shower accessories and shampoos, conditioners, etc.
  • Glass shower doors – Custom enclosures or standard opening sizes, options for hinged or sliding with very minimal hardware.
  • Various plumbing features – Rain shower heads, body jets, hand held wands, and hardware finishes are just the beginning.

The options for bathroom and shower designs are endless. If your struggling to see what your space is going to look like when it’s done we can help. With 3D design you can see the space as it will look finished.


Curbless shower design is becoming more popular as the installation processes become better. Technology has played a huge roll in making this option more affordable too. In the past we needed to notch the joists in order to sink the shower pan into the floor so it was flush with the surrounding floor. This required hiring an engineer to specify the notch and additional supporting lumber because it made the floor system weaker. New systems now don’t require modifying the floor joist and strengthen the floor system in the process.

Curbless showers coupled with a linear drain system now allow for larger format tiles to be used in the shower itself. With a normal center drain, the floor tile could be no bigger than 4X4, but with a linear drain you can run your large format floor tile right into your shower.

A major misconception with showers was that they needed a curb to hold the water in the shower. This is untrue! Water still obeys the laws of gravity and when put on a sloped surface will always go the the lowest point on the slope. If your curbless shower pan is installed by a qualified professional you’ll have no problems with water trying to escape your shower system.

NOTE: Water from the action of showering may splash out of the shower underneath of the shower door. This is evident in both curb and curbless design because a small gap under the door is required for clearance. Also, water that is on the door when you open it will drip outside of the shower when opened. These are two concerns we hear most often. Please be advised that this is normal and a bath mat outside of the shower is the easiest solution to this problem.

If you’d like to see what CNY’s waterproof tiled shower professionals can do for you just fill out the contact us form below or call 315-246-2878

This is a question that we hear the a lot. Do I need to keep a tub for resale? What if the next owner needs it? 

This can be a tricky question. How long do you plan to stay in the home? Is there another bathroom with a tub? Is it limiting your current situation for staying in your home?

If you don’t plan on staying in your home for more than 5 years and are remodeling to get the most money for your home, then putting a tub back in may be an good option. If there is a tub in a family bathroom and you are remodeling the master bathroom, walk in showers are bringing better value than tubs in that situation because you already have one tub. 

As we age, tubs can be a dangerous thing. Older family members can have a very difficult time getting into a tub to shower and could loose balance, possibly getting hurt in the process. A walk in shower is a much better option and choosing a curbless design is the aging in place option for long term living in your home. In these situations, removing the tub is the safest option and resale value doesn’t overrule the safety of the family members.

Still concerned you might not be making the right choice? We would be happy to consult with you and your use of the space and design an option that fits your lifestyle. Contact us to schedule your consultation below.

Heated tile floors are a wonderful thing, especially in the CNY winter season when tile will remove the heat from your body through your feet. Radiant heated floors can be the heating source for a small or large bathroom. With optons in electric and hydronic, keeping your feet and bathroom warm will make your morning routine more enjoyable during those cold months of the year.

The variety of plumbing feature today is immense. From rain heads to body jets and steam enclosures, you can customize your shower to rival you local spa. Here are a few of the more popular features: 

  • Rain heads – Generally mounted in the ceiling, rain heads offer a soothing and soft shower that is both relaxing and refreshing.
  • Body jets – Adding several body jets can make your shower feel like a waterfall of water. Be careful with this option as water pressure can become a problem and adding pumps adds additional expense.
  • Handheld wands – A personal wand can add cleaning power to areas that can’t be reached well by your shower head, like your feet!
  • Lights and speakers – Rain heads and shower heads with the options for lighting and speakers have taken the shower experience to a whole new level. Plug in your music and enjoy a light show with sound from you favorite band.
  • Steam shower – Steam generators can add that sauna function right to your shower space. Cleanse your skin with a little steam and you get all of this in one place.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shower plumbing options. Contact us today to design your next spa like retreat space in your own home.

With advancements in Aging in Place and Universal Design features, living in your home longer is now easier than you think. Most people think of institutional design features when thinking of aging in place, but manufacturers are making these features more elegant as time moves on. Here are some features you might want to consider in your future bathroom:

  • Curbless shower entry – With the option to not require a step in shower there is no tripping hazard. This also leaves the option open for a roll in shower if needed in the future with little modification to the shower area later on.
  • Showering seat – Seated showering can be a great safety feature if you have trouble with balancing during a shower. A wide range of beautiful seats are available today.
  • Grab bars – These are not yesterdays grab bars, elegant designs and beautiful finishes will capture your attention when seeing the new grab bar options.
  • Adjustable height shower head – Having the ability to lower the height of your shower head makes it more convenient when seated showering is required. Coupled with a hand wand, you’ll enjoy this shower experience as you stay in your home longer.

Designing a shower system around your current or future needs is a smart decision you can make for your long term health. Giving you the ability to stay independant longer will keep you living in your home longer.

Do you have a tired old bathroom or a tub that you really don’t use anymore? Consider changing that old outdated tub out for a beautiful walk in shower. Curb or Curbless design, you’ll be glad you did.

Bathroom Remodeling, Travertine tile, Tub Shower combination, European open shower concept
Bathroom Remodeling, Walk in shower, Travertine Tile, Curbless shower

Bathroom Remodel in Auburn, NY 2012

Bathroom Remodeling, Travertine tile, Tub Shower combination, European open shower concept
Bathroom Remodeling, Walk in shower, Travertine Tile, Curbless shower

Bathroom Remodel in Auburn, NY 2012

Do you dream of a Spa retreat to refresh your body during those long work weeks? We specialize in bathroom remodeling so you can enjoy that feeling in the comfort of your own home? At Silverline Builders, we work with you to create a space that does just that. From Curbless shower designs, European styled open concepts, and radiant in floor heating, we can make your morning shower a rejuvenating experience everyday. Do you want a custom tiled enclosure, A spa type jet tub, or a soothing rain head shower? We can make your dreams a reality! Contact us today to set up a consultation because your new bathroom is waiting!

Alcove shower built into existing closet during the bathroom remodeling process

Bathroom Remodel in Ovid NY. Porcelain Tile shower, Pebble Tile Shower Floor, Rustic Barn Wood Tile Heated Floor

Alcove tile shower built into existing closet during bathroom remodeling process

Bathroom Remodel in Ovid NY. Porcelain Tile shower, Pebble Tile Shower Floor, Rustic Barn Wood Tile Heated Floor

Kohler Memiors toilet and pedestal sink installed on weathered wood porcelain tile floor

Rustic Barn Wood Tile Heated Floor, Kohler Memiors Toilet & Pedestal Sink. Custom Made wood mirror frame, distressed.

Tired of that old Bathroom? Lets get together and talk about what your future bathroom will look like.

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