Here I sit, waiting for a service provider that I called hours ago that was supposed to be here an hour ago…..or so they told me! What kind of customer service does this portray? This probably sounds like many people waiting for that remodeling company they called and scheduled an appointment with. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t! But you scheduled an appointment with them, didn’t you??

Does it feel like your chasing your tail when you want to have something remodeled or built in today’s industry? You listen to all the blogs talking about getting three estimates from three different contractors and you can hardly get one to show up on time! Maybe their too busy for you? Maybe their a really good contractor because their really busy? Maybe they don’t care about any of that! Maybe, just maybe they never even wrote it down, wasting your time and the efforts you took to get three meetings scheduled!

The service industry has a problem, and that problem is customer service! Why can’t it go back to the way it used to be right? People cared about the consumer! Now contractors are too busy, too tired, too this or too that! When was the last time a company asked about your last experience with a remodeling company? Probably never! Maybe you’ve had some bad dealings or you’ve heard about some projects that turned into nightmares! What are your fears when calling a contractor to come work on your home? Showing up is probably the first thing you worry about, right? “How many more contractors do I need to call to get a proposal for a project that I’ve been dreaming about for months?” That’s what I heard the other day when I asked a prospect what his experiences were with prior remodeling companies he’s called!

Change is hard, change is slow! But change is inevitable. You need to expect more from that remodeling company your about to call. How do you feel when you talk with them? Is that person asking you questions that you think are important to your project? Or, are they just asking your name & address and saying “I’ll come take a look?!” Do they have a sales process that makes you feel at ease, makes you feel involved or does it feel like your ordering a product from an automated service?

So here I sit, still waiting for my service provider to show up. But it makes me think. Am I providing a customer service experience that I would buy from me?

Give us a call. Maybe we’ll be that difference you’re looking for!