1. “Going with the lowest price saves you money.”


We’ve all heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for”… and remodeling is no exception. Many times you’ll find a contractor who will offer what looks like a complete job at an unusually low price. This will be very tempting. But beware…all is not what it seems! Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Is something missing… has something been left out?
  • Are one or more shortcuts being taken?
  • Are the specified products inferior?
  • Will less-than-competent workers be used?
  • Am I likely to wind up with shoddy work?
  • Are all workers legal?
  • Is the contractor following the rules of the trade?

When you hire a contractor, you’re buying a service, not just a product. The quality of the workmanship will ultimately determine how happy you are with the project. And in order for you to be happy, your contractor can’t cut corners.

One of the most common signs of trouble is when someone offers to do work for much less than others. If this happens, ask yourself, WHY? It’s often a costly and frustrating mistake to let price alone drive your selection.

2. “Years of experience = quality work.”


Just because a contractor has “been around” doesn’t mean he’s always done a good job – check it out. Many contractors can claim to have years of experience… yet a good number of their jobs may have been completed unsatisfactorily – if at all.
Reputation is key, and the person who handles your remodeling project should have not only experience, but also completed projects that show quality workmanship. Investigate your contractor’s credentials thoroughly, and call clients, suppliers and financial references to make sure you’re dealing with a qualified professional.

3. “If the contractor has no complaints on file with the BBB, it’s a safe bet the contractor is qualified.”


The Better Business Bureau is a wonderful place to begin. But just because a contractor doesn’t have any unresolved complaints, that doesn’t mean the contractor is “clean.”

A fly-by-night contractor can spend years doing shoddy work, yet never be reported. Only by investigating beyond the BBB can you be assured of a smooth and satisfactory remodeling
project, with no unpleasant surprises.

-- From How to Hire Your Dream Remodeler 
by Tom Higgins, Superior Products Home Improvement, Littleton, Colo.