Silverline Builders Corp specializes in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling but we offer many other services as well!

When Life gets tight you need to stretch out a little to feel comfortable again. The same goes for your home. Sometimes it isn’t feasible to just go buy a bigger house. Maybe you have some sentimental value to your house, maybe you really like the school district your kids are in, maybe you just can’t buy a bigger house. These are all problems we can help you solve with an addition to your existing home. Here are some examples of ways to expand:

  • Add a single level addition to make a new master suite
    • This opens up the opportunity to utilize the old master bedroom as another bedroom for a child or family member.
    • It also gives you a new space designed specifically with you in mind
    • Imagine having that nice bathroom and walk-in closet  you’ve always dreamed of!
  • Add a two level addition to expand twice the living space in one size foot print
    • Maybe you need some extra room in the Kitchen, but your kids need a little more room upstairs.
    • Or, maybe you need an additional bathroom added over your newly expanded pantry storage
  • Add a second floor to a single level house
    • This adds a lot of space to a ranch style home
    • Imagine the possibilities of room. Bedrooms, a bathroom or two, master suite, home office space.
  • Add a Sun Room Addition
    • Utilize this room either three seasons or we can design it for four seasons.

Home & Room Additions encompass a large variety of projects and can be custom tailored to what your lifestyle demands and your budget requires. If you think that an addition to your existing home or on your existing property is something that sounds like a good fit for your family, we’d be happy to help you make your dream a reality. You can give us a call or send us and email and we can show you what are the next steps to making your dream a reality. You can see an addition we recently completed by clicking here.

A deck adds instance appeal to your lifestyle by offering a gathering place for family and friends during the good months the Northeast offers. From graduation parties, anniversaries, wedding parties to just friends kicking their feet up, a deck offers a great place to relax and enjoy the finer parts of life.

A porch adds instant road side appeal by making your home stand out from the rest. Add a porch to the back and side of your house with a few rockers and you have a great place to sit quietly and read a great book or enjoy a hot cup of coffee on a cool autumn day.

Whether you’re in need of a porch or a deck, the options to customize your porch/deck are endless. Some of the best options have been the invention of low maintenance materials that make owning a porch or deck a breeze. No more scraping and painting or staining ever year or two. No more splinters. Sophisticated railing designs ranging from composite railing systems to stainless cable systems with low sight line obstruction.

Want to add a pergola to your deck? How ’bout a outdoor kitchen/grill station for all that entertaining your about to be doing?

As you can see, there are so many possibilities when you start thinking about adding a deck or porch to your home. Make sure when you are ready that you work with a company that understands what can make or break your budget and dream of owning a beautiful deck or porch. We can help you design your next deck or porch and build it within your budget!

Home Renovations make up a broad category of renovation project items. You probably enjoy your home just the way it is but maybe its starting to show some wear and tear from the years of living within its walls. This is where Home Renovations by Silverline can help you.

Some projects that we offer as Home Renovation Projects:

  • Window and Door Replacements.
    • Windows, especially vinyl styles, have a limited life span. The expected life span of vinyl windows is 15-20 years. Replacing these old and tired windows is key to keeping your home as efficient as possible.
    • Doors also are subject to wearing out over time. The life cycle of doors is so variable with use and weather exposure that you may see some exterior doors only lasting 5 years if not properly cared for. Installing a quality storm door will help to extend the life cycle of your exterior doors.
  • Siding Replacement
    • Vinyl siding installed in the past 20 years was lower quality than today’s vinyl or composite options. Since the introduction of Cement lap siding, vinyl siding has seen a reduction in use on new home construction. Vinyl siding is still a quality replacement option for many homes today. The quality of the vinyl has improved and the UV stability of vinyl has great increased which helps control fade and vinyl becoming brittle.
  • Weather Related water damage to the exterior of the home.
  • Drywall, Painting and Interior Flooring replacement within your home.

If you just need some updating or want to adjust the layout of a couple rooms within your home these projects fall under Home Renovation Projects. We would be happy to consult with you on your next Renovation and see how we can help keep your current home in tip top shape for years to come.

Do you have a beautiful window with a view you really enjoy? Would a built in bench be a great option here while adding value to your home? How about some bookcases in your den or on either side of the fireplace?

Building custom designed features within your home is a great honor for our team. With over 10 years of experience as a cabinet maker and working for Gus Morley Cabinetmakers in Skaneateles, our owner brings the talent to design and build a custom carpentry feature that you’ll treasure for years.

Some Custom Carpentry Projects we’ve completed in the past few years:

  • Walnut Coffered Ceiling with built in down lighting
  • Curved base trim replication for a 1890 Victorian Home
  • Casing and trim detail replications for 1860 Italianatte Home
  • Custom Cabinetry built for a complete kitchen remodel
  • Custom Pantry Cabinet and wall cabinet made to match an existing kitchen system
  • Custom Mantle and Fireplace surround.

Some of these photos can be found on our facebook page and some will be added to the website later this year as we continue to update our website. Please return regularly to see our newest photos.

Yes their OLD! That’s exactly what we love about them!

There are many details in Historic Homes that just aren’t done the same any longer and will never be done in the future. But that’s what makes them exquisite. Silverline Builders take great pride in having the honor of working on many Historic or almost Historic home in the Central New York area.

From hand made trim details to multi piece crown moldings, the trim and finish of a historic home has no parallel to today’s square boxes. With labor rates and material prices continually on the rise, it just isn’t feasible to build the details into today’s homes. If you own an old or Historic home, you know what I mean.

If you have an old or historic home that needs some TLC, we understand. We can work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that will bring your gem back to it’s previous stature. Imaging what it looked like when it was new!! We can help you get it there.

Silverline Builders has a great wood shop that can produce precise replications of any trim or molding you may need replicated. Lets get together and talk about how to best keep your home in great shape.

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